Review by Md. Shahid Raza

"Today I went to Dubai. I am very happy. I hope I do good work there. Thank you".

Review by Pranali Lakede

"IT WAS REALLY GREAT , Mr. Amit assisted me, helped me alot, good co-ordination . Really greatful thankful to all of you for finding such excellent job. Once again thanks".

Review by Smriti Pradhan

"Dear Reema,
I Smriti Pradhan would like to thank you and the Kaavi team for your services and for the help from your side. I was very satisfied for the services provided by you".

Review by Sagar Ashok Ahir

"Very Good".

Review by Aditya Jayant Shinde

"They provide good & quick service to people specially Amit take responsibility of our procedure . I just want to thank them specially Amit. He co-operate with me very friendly".

Review by Akshay

"It is a very nice agency. I am very thankful to you for giving me the opportunity . Thank you all".

Review by Kanhaiyalal

"Very Good".

Review by Roopa Shree

"Firstly before thanking you let me convey this message to you & team.
This has been possible due to the guidance and help that I had received from you and other members. I genuinely mean this and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart . For giving me opportunity to be work in UAE. Your truly a good an helpful person. I wish you all the best for Kaavi recruitment".

Review by Roopesh .R.Mahale

"Very Nice".

Review by Faizan Beig

"Very good".

Review by Neeraj Bhatt

"Amit sir is very good person and very good behavior. He gave me very good suggestion. Thank you".

Review by Binay Kumar Sharma

"Very Good".

Review by Akhilash Sadaphal

"Very helpful and had a great experience . Thank you".

Review by Rahul

"Had a good experience with the Kaavi Recruitment Ltd, very co-operative staff &friendly staff. Thank you so much".

Review by Pranali Mule

"Good. Thank you".

Review by Rajnikant


Review by Deepak Chauhan

"Very good consultancy ever I have seen.Thanks alot".

Review by Shaikh Mohd Owais

"Good communication.
Smooth service.
Fast paper work.
Very helpful".

Review by Mayarmi Khamray

"Excellent service .Thank you for the service".

Review by Ankit Kumar Uliyal

"Excellent service & all staff of consultancy are very helpful".

Review by Ankur Mishra

"Kaavi Consultancy provide a very good services for freshers".

Review by Niffon Fernandes

"Kaavi Consultancy is good and gives a good co-operative and they are during their best and talk nicely to the candidates,explain the everything which we don't know and we need that. There good is in there work".

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